We offer the following services:


Shampoo Cuts & Styles

Haircut Only $9.00                                            Weave Set $15.00

Shampoo Only $5.00                                         Blow Dry (Natural Hair) w/rake $15.00

Shampoo & Set or B/D $9.00-up                    Blow Dry w/Hard Curls (Stove) $21.00

Shampoo, Cut & Style $15.00                           Blow Dry Only $9.00

Shampoo, Blow & Curl $13.00



Nexxus Treatment $10.00                                 Deep Conditioning (Cholestrol) $8.00



Curling Iron Only $11.00-up                              French Braid $10.00-up

French Twist/Bun $26.00-up                           Classic Updo’s $25.00-up

Press & Curl $28.00-up                                      Body Wrap (Set & Wrap) $21.00

Wrap Only $13.00                                               Wrap & Curl (Elec) $16.00

Spiral, Roller or Rod Set $26.00-up                Finger Waves Front $11.00

Finger Waves Full Head $21.00                       Push Waves Full Head $21.00

Pineapple Waves $ 26.00-up                           Corkscrew or Straw Set $51.00

Pencil & Hard Curls $26.00-up                       Twist Half Head $3.00 ea.



Temporary Rinse $3.00                                      Single Foils (ea.) $5.00

Semi-Permanent $23.00-up                              Foil Highlights $50.00-up

Virgin Color or Bleach $32.00-up                    Cap Highlights $35.00-up

Re-touch Color $22.00-up                                 Re-touch Bleach $30.00-up


Permanent Waves

Permanent Waves $30.00-up                              Virgin Relaxer $40.00-up

Designer Wraps $45.00-up                                   Re-touch Relaxer $30.00-up

Spiral Wraps $65.00-up                                        Carefree Curl $60.00-up

Wave Nouveau $60.00-up


Manicures, Facials & Waxing

Manicure $7.00                                               Facial $12.00-up

Hot Oil Manicure $15.00                               Lip, Chin & Eyebrows(ea.) $5.00-up

French Manicure $11.00                                Pedicure $15.00-up

Polish Change $4.00


Thick Hair $5.00 extra. Length to collar $5.00 extra. Length below shoulders $10.00-up.